The Speedie Auto Story

Speedie Auto Salvage was formed in 1976 with just a couple of cars in the middle of a field. Over the years, a couple cars turned into a yard full of them. As business increased, so did Speedie Auto Salvage's demand for vehicles. Insurance company vehicles and the occasional car off the street from an individual weren't enough. We needed to find a way to bring more vehicles in. A scale was the answer. Implementing a scale allowed us to buy automobiles more competitively by weight; which attracted more customers, and assured a fair price for both parties. With the scale implementation also came the formation of Speedie Recycling; our scrap metal recycling facility, located on the neighboring property. 

 Speedie Auto now has roughly 50 acres, 1200 vehicles in our yard and a network of supporting locations.

The Speedie Way

At Speedie Auto Salvage, we put the utmost priority on supplying quality parts to all of our valued customers. We also strive to provide top notch customer service throughout the purchasing process. Our expert sales team will work with you through your parts search and help to relieve the frustration that can be caused by unclear fitment, availability, part condition and shipping; all whilst making sure you get the part that best fits your current needs. Our production and quality control teams make sure every part sold through our facility is accurately described, professionally processed and ready for pickup/delivery to you in a timely manner.